Diet and Menu

Menu 4.2. - 8.2.2019

The children are provided with healthy and tasty food during the whole day. 

Besides other things, during summer months, the children can pick Canadian blueberries or grapes. We also deliver from our recreational centre fresh seasonal fruits which are not treated with dust.




  • Basic food of the day 

  • Hearty, healthy, tasty

  • Prepared by a tea lady in the kindergarten

  • Time of morning snack at 9:00 or 9:30 (according to the programme)

  • Divided into sweet and salty variant (according to the noon lunch)

  • Fruits 

  • Vegetables 

  • Fluid intake (unsweetened fruit, black, herbal tea, milk, cocoa)



  • During the whole day, fluid intake is maintained on a regular basis

  • The children's bottles are signed (topped up according to their need)

  • In each class, a vessel with water or tea is placed (the teacher tops it up individually)

  • Fluid intake during staying in the garden (bottles or barrels with water)



  • Quality supplier of food EKOLANDIA

  • Food delivery in the special thermal boxes with vessels

  • The children are not forced to eat

  • The teachers motivate the children to eat

  • Division according to the age groups

  • Smaller children are provided with bibs (disinfection, drying)

  • Preparation of cutlery, cups with drink

  • Serving of soup in ceramic bowls (in case of little children - supplementary feeding)

  • Individual motivation to eat (allergies,  aversion to food, pleadings of parents)

  • If the children want, they can get addition (they will determine - dry, no meat, without sauce)

  • Observance of fluid intake (juice, water, tea)



Catering is provided by company Ekolandia.